It tastes particularly good at the

Our restaurant provides the ideal setting for you to enjoy yourself. Our guests love to celebrate their birthdays, confirmations or anniversaries in our restaurant. But you don’t necessarily need a special occasion to treat yourself with a delicious menu. Enjoy a traditional Franconian roast with your family on Sunday. Sit together with your colleagues in the evening with an after-work beer and a snack in a casual setting. Drop in at lunchtime during the week and enjoy a freshly prepared, tasty meal. Just create an occasion for yourself!

Elderly guests and people with restricted mobility are often particularly concerned about a visit to a restaurant. With us, these are unjustified, as the dining room and our toilets are barrier-free. Knowing this, you can look forward to your time with us without any worries and enjoy your visit to the fullest.

You are welcome to make a reservation with us in advance to ensure that a table is available for you and your guests at the desired time. 

Our beer garden

Our restaurant always invites you to spend some time, also because our service staff give their best every day to make sure you have a great stay with us. However, when the sun shines from a blue sky, the temperatures rise and summer shows its best side in Hof, you probably want to take advantage of the fantastic weather.

Our beer garden is ideally suited for this. There is plenty of seating available so that you can sit together comfortably with your family or friends. In addition to the delicious dishes from our kitchen, we offer a selection of refreshing drinks. If it does turn too cold in the evening, you can easily move to a table in the restaurant.

When the evening sun slowly disappears behind the houses, there should be no culinary wishes left unfulfilled for you. 

Franconian and international menu

On our menu you will find Franconian delicacies in addition to international dishes, which are prepared with much love by our kitchen team. While many plates of roast dishes leave the kitchen in winter and on Sundays, our young and old guests enjoy classic dishes such as Wiener Schnitzel or pork tenderloin all throughout the year.

In addition, we always offer you a small but fine selection of seasonal dishes. For example, in May and June you can enjoy delicious asparagus dishes. During the mushroom season, you will find meals with chanterelles on our menu. During the winter season, you may also enjoy a wild game dish such as roast venison or venison haunch.

For our game dishes and when we have carp on the menu, we purchase it from well-known suppliers in the region in order to meet our high quality standards.